About Me!

Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me
  1. I can't decide what I want to be forever. If / when I grow up.
  2. Is terribly messy at housekeeping
  3. Loves being organized even with the mess
  4. Somewhat thrives on chaos
  5. Never was a cheerleader (except when it comes to my kids)
  6. Played all sorts of sports as a kid 
  7. Was your typical "tom-boy" always with short hair and skinned knees.
  8. Was in "Little Theater Troupe" for more years than I can count and always played the Male lead.
  9. Met my husband on the internet in a video game of all places.
  10. I can't eat mushrooms but every once in a while I do and get a rash because of them.
  11. I LOVE to bake and create fancy cakes or cookies.
  12. Totally LOVES to dance and sing around the house while attempting to clean.

Now Here are some Things You Probably Did Know:

  1. Married to my soul mate!
  2. Reads all of the time and is totally addicted to YA.
  3. Hooked on vampires and werewolves (Twilight heck Yeah).
  4. I don't watch a ton of TV but LOVE my "Greys Anatomy", "Once Upon a Time" and "Dr. Who".
  5. Totally a romantic at heart.
  6. Loves photography.
  7. Adores Scrapbooking!
  8. I love to play video games and no game is too out there for me to try.
  9. I write a LOT but I'm too afraid to publish my own novel.
  10. Gets the laundry done but forgets to take it off the line or out of the dryer.
  11. The beach is my "peace" place I could sit on the beach forever. 
  12. I don't smoke and never have.
  13. Really loves this blogging business!
There you have it some fun and interesting facts about ME!  

I also have a second blog Recent Reads which does book reviews, book tours, and Book Blasts. It also hosts some fabulous book giveaways and author interviews. That site is not necessarily completely child friendly although I do try to keep anything risky to a bare minimum, but there may be some steamy book covers.

Well as Porky Pig would say... Tha Tha That's All Folks!