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Ella the Pink Elephant

Ella the Pink Elephant
By Doris Rueger
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In her new children’s book, a beloved elephant learns how to grow older gracefully
In “Ella the Pink Elephant: Her Life, Love and Fame,” Doris Rueger creates a children’s book with a moral lesson as a former star elephant learns how to accept herself as she ages.

BELLPORT, N.Y. – In “Ella the Pink Elephant: Her Life, Love and Fame” (ISBN 1469937565), children’s author Doris Rueger writes and illustrates a fantasy tale with a moral message. It follows the life of Ella the Elephant, a star-studded pachyderm that never lacked for attention.

As a child, Ella was the star animal of one of the world’s largest zoos. Her keepers dressed her in pink silks and shawls, while friends and admirers flocked to her side. Yet as all creatures must do, Ella grew older. She grew tired of all the work it took to remain at the center of everyone’s attention. After many years, Ella wanted to be taken to a retirement zoo where she could rest and enjoy her days in peace. 

In this restful reserve, Ella was by herself. For the first time, she looked at herself in the mirror, without makeup or fancy clothes, and saw an aging elephant with grey skin and wrinkles. “Who am I?” she asked. “I am neither Ella, the beautiful elephant baby, nor am I Ella, the gorgeous elephant modeling expensive clothes and being the star at weddings. I am just plain me. No adornments. Will I still be loved?”  Ella would have to find a new way to be happy. She looks in the mirror and realizes she was a beloved elephant, full of tender memories that she could enjoy for the rest of her life. 

Through her storybook tale of talking zoo animals, Ms. Rueger weaves a tale that encourages children to love and accept themselves for who they are. A children’s fantasy with fun characters and a moral ending, “Ella the Pink Elephant” is illustrated by the author in crayon and color pencil. Self-acceptance, knowing and loving one’s true self and learning how to graciously live in the limelight are lessons parents would be happy to impart to their young ones.

“Ella the Pink Elephant: Her Life, Love and Fame” is available for sale online at and other channels.
About the Author:
Born and raised in Germany, Doris Rueger attended college in the United States and graduated with a master’s degree in literature and journalism. After a 30-year career in the scientific community, she now pursues her love of literature by writing and illustrating children’s books. Ms. Rueger currently lives in Bellport, NY.

Winner of the Summer 2012 NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for “Ella the Pink Elephant”


I have to give Doris Rueger a resounding 10 stars for this fabulous children's book. In this story we meet Ella, who is born in a zoo and taken care of by a former clown. She is loved by everyone because of all the beautiful outfits that she wears. We continue on the story with her as she ages and all the way through to her self-acceptance of her much older self.  This is a wonderful story about loving people with all your heart and being kind to others. She learns that she is loved not for her wonderful outfits but because of her kind and loving heart. This is an invaluable lesson for young children to learn.

It doesn't matter what's on the outside its what's on the inside that matters! The story itself was fabulously written and the art work was beautiful. I highly recommend this book to everyone young and old alike. This book is a fabulous addition to any family library.

Details/Disclaimer: Review copy was provided to me in exchange for a fair and honest review. The free book held no determination on my personal review.

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