Thursday, 25 October 2012

DIY Ghost for Halloween!

Here's what you need...
1 Liter Soda Bottle,
Cheese Cloth,
Old Towel,
Scrap piece of felt,
Styrofoam ball (the white kind works better.)
Wire (not pictured)


    • 1
      Stick the foam ball on top of an empty 1 liter plastic soda bottle. This forms a dummy of the ghost to help it keep its shape while you create it.
    • 2
      Wrap a long piece of wire around the neck of the soda bottle, with the wire coming out on either side to look like arms.
    • 3
      Place the cheese cloth over the ghost form, covering it completely. The cheese cloth should be long enough that there is leftover material all around the bottle.
    • 4
      Spray the cheese cloth heavily with the spray starch. The more starch you use, the better your ghost will hold its shape, so be generous with the starch.
    • 5
      Allow the ghost to dry in sunlight, if possible. Check if it's dry after a few hours.
    • 6
      Pull the dry ghost off of the bottle. Use scissors to cut two circles out of the black felt and glue them to the ghost's head with the craft glue to create the ghost's eyes.

      Original Idea from numerous places... 

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