Tuesday, 26 March 2013

A Life Lesson in the strangest of places.

This is a tad bit different for me. But I saw this video and I thought that it is exactly the sort of message I want my followers to see.  How many of us are living our lives doing things we hate, to make money to buy things we don't need or really want? How many of us have time to stop and look at the beauty in the world around us? How many of us are teaching our children to lead miserable lives, just like our own, going to work from 6-5 in a job we hate, owing more money than we can ever hope to repay, buying things we don't need and will probably rarely use, and for what? How many of us take the time to enjoy the simple things in life, or for that matter even play with our children?

For those who do not know, my son has Asperger's and other Developmental delays. For the last 8 months I have been fighting an educational losing battle with him or so I thought. And two years prior to that while I fought with schools.  But while I have been struggling hard to teach him how to be a success later in life, it took this one video to teach me a very important lesson.

He is HAPPY, just as he is. 

Why am I struggling so hard to change him into a student who reads, writes, and does mathematics, when he is such a happy and loveable little boy just the way he is? Why am I struggling to teach him and not pay attention to what he is teaching me? Yes education is important if you want to have a job that makes a lot of money and own lots of fancy things. But in truth is money really all that important? My husband would say yes. I've always thought no. But the truth is we DO need money to survive. But do we need to give up everything we love to earn it?

I do what I like. I read, and review books, I do my arts and crafts, I do my jewelry making and have opened my own Etsy shop to try to make a little side income to help the family out so my husband doesn't have to work so hard. I'm writing my own books and will be published soon. So why is it that I allow myself to do as I please, but I can't allow my son to do the same thing?

Is it simply because I am an adult and I've seen more and understand how hard life is? Do I fear the future world he is growing up to live in? Do I fear how other's treat him? The answer to all those is simply a big resounding yes. But after watching this video, I decided that I would lesson up a bit on the lessons for his future and to a degree allow him to lead me down the path he wishes to go. That does NOT mean I am going to let him get away with no school work. What that does mean is that I will set up the lessons for the entire week based on his current interests, and he can choose what he does per day. Some days he feels like maths other days he doesn't. At the end of the week, I'm sure with a little nudge here or a nudge there he will have the work done. After all for a child who couldn't read or write or do basic maths in 2 years he has grown by leaps and bounds and in the last 8 months has grown in English more than I could have dreamed. He even has his own blog now. Where he reads and reviews indie authors or just writes a little story about what's been happening in his world. So that says something doesn't it? He is learning by following my lead and learning a love for the written word. What more can a mother ask?

So take a moment, watch the video and see if it changes YOUR perspective of life and how it should be lived.


  1. I remember that day for me -- when I opened my eyes to all that was around me.

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