Friday, 12 October 2012

Just in time for Halloween...



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Kritterkreep is a book which both young and old alike can enjoy. I read this book with my son who is 9 and we both agree that it was fabulous.

J.D. Gordon has created a fabulous group of Characters. We have Andy who is from a divorced home, living with his mother and step-father and baby sister. Surprisingly or not surprisingly he adores his baby sister and takes care of her if she wakes in the night at times. Since he is a young teen and a boy that is strange behavior to me but I'm oh so glad that the author made this young man so loving to his younger sister. And protective too, he would have to be the best big brother ever. As for Chester the step-father all I can say is what a turd. Andy doesn't have many friends but those he does have seem to be strong and true friends. And Elsa was such a sweet girl yet oh so strong.

This story had many creepy parts, but nothing so out there as to scare you so you couldn't sleep. It is perfect for that tween age where they want to be scared but still are sometimes afraid of things that go bump in the night. As I said my 9 year old read it and wasn't afraid at all, he had a few words he wasn't sure of what they were but for a whole he had very little difficulty reading it and found it to be entertaining. The "monster" kept him guessing for a long time as to what it was. To him it was everything from a demon to an imp to a monster.

J.D. Gordon has definitely created a story for both young and old alike. The only negative I found was that I didn't truly know what Elsa was. Other than that I would have to say I loved this book and highly recommend it to anyone with 8 and up children for Halloween.

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