Thursday, 23 May 2013

Falling Review and Tour

After seventeen year-old Sophie’s mom dies in a tragic accident, she is so engulfed with guilt and sadness, she feels like she could literally, simply lie down and die. But a few months later, on the night she and her friends experiment with a Ouija board, things begin to change in unimaginable ways. Sophie begins to hear, and then see, Nick, a boy who has been dead for two years. This story tells of their blossoming friendship, young love, and how, through Nick, Sophie learns to live again. But even in the spirit world, happiness can’t last forever. There is a dark side to this otherworldly friendship. Not all spirits are good. Sophie’s dreams become haunting, scary nightmares. And soon these nightmares become reality, and lead Nick and Sophie into a battle against this evil spirit. They must fight for her life, but even if they can figure out how to fight a ghost, Sophie isn’t sure she wants to. If she dies, she could be with Nick forever.

FALLING grips emotions and keeps the reader turning pages late into the night.

This book was fabulous!  I absolutely adored Nick.  I WANT MY OWN GHOST!!!! I loved how the author created Nick and the changes which occurred during the story.  I loved the character growth.  As the summary states Nick is of course long dead.  But he seems more alive than many people I've had the pleasure of knowing in real life.  Yes I realize he is a fictional character, but hey he was just THAT alive!

Sophie I felt so sorry for, she lost her mother when she drowned and blames herself for her mother's death.  I will say that this story is a little bit scary at times so it isn't for the younger YA.  Unless they like shows that have the creepy aspect to them.  I figured out who the bad guy was relatively quickly, so I wasn't surprised at the ending.  But all in all this was a fabulous story.

This book is a fairly quick read with only 207 pages.  For me that is about an hour and a half with distractions of my son popping in to bug me with his millions of daily questions.  But once you start you really won't want to stop reading it until you find out what is going to happen with Nick and Sophie and her real living boyfriend.  Who while I didn't mention is just as nice as Nick in his own way.

Details/Disclaimer: Review copy was provided to me in exchange for a fair and honest review. The free book held no determination on my personal review.

Lisa lives near the beach with her daughter and four dogs. She spends every spare moment at the beach, either reading, or surfing, or just sitting and watching the water. That's also where she does most of her writing, in a notebook, with a pencil. Lisa is a school teacher, and a yoga teacher. She is passionate about dog rescue. As busy as she stays, she is most happy sitting on her sofa, cuddling with her pups.

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