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Next You: Destined for Something Guest Post

Today I have a little something different.  A guest post by the Author of Next You: Destined for Something, Mr. Angus H. Day.  He tells us why he believes that writing is a form of personal therapy.  Read it and you'll see that writing in any form truly is helpful! But first a little something about his fabulous book!

Book Title:  Next You: Destined for Something

Author:  Angus H. Day
Release Date:  April 23, 2013
Genre:  Sci-Fi Fantasy
Publisher:  GMTA Publishing, LLC
Presented by:  As You Wish Tours

In the last year of mandatory school each soon to be graduate takes a multitude of tests to efficiently funnel them into the right career. Personality profiles showing you to be low IQ, bigoted and prone to senseless violence really increase your chances of being denied. Scores mean enough to tempt test takers to cheat using answer sets bought from sketchy characters. You don't always get what you pay for as Felix Dernoft discovers in Destined for...Something, a Next You novel.

Why Writing is a Form of Personal Therapy

Have you ever been to conventions, the museum on a holiday, the airport?  If you have then you know what it is like to figuratively swim up stream amidst some of the most courtesy challenged beings ever to grace the planet while not being shot at in armed conflict.  Technology may have advanced in the last century but manners and proper behavior have departed and left no forwarding address for a lot of people.

Writing is an excellent tool for defusing the urge to erase somebody, or some bodies, for having committed offense.  As a matter of observation I would venture to say that rudeness and other poor behavior have an inverse correlation with literacy or the popularity of literary pursuits.  When the main form of entertainment used to be reading a book people demonstrated a larger inventory of manners.  As radio, television, the internet and more instant forms of gratification became prevalent attention spans decreased.  Attention spans are key to a trait some would call patience.  You might sense my exercising of your quantity of patience as I make my way to a point.  Very well, let's not strain it.

Reading stimulates patience because the reader can only process information so fast.  Writing is an even greater stimulator of patience as the author must form the picture in their mind, determine the best way to combine words to convey their ideas and allow the words to flow with the rhythm of daily life.  The attempt to master this process leads to a greater understanding of process so that when somebody snaps at you for something  basic you might create a back story for your work rather than just firing back and escalating.

Summing up my observations on writing as therapy I can throw out the following for those who skipped to the end.  Writing and reading are patience builders which encourage participants to act with consideration of...things.  Technological instant gratification leads to shortened tempers, especially when things don't work properly, and impulsive rude behavior.
I live in Fort Collins Colorado with my wife and son. My daughter has embarked on her career as a graphics designer. I've been an Infantryman, Swine Farmer, smattering of other trades and jobs and now I'm a manufacturing pharmaceutical chemist. What aspect of my life that is devoted to fitness favors swimming in open water which means I spend most of the year working out in a pool then hit the lakes when it warms up a bit. My wife Cheryl safety kayaks for me when we manage to make it work. One day when I was waiting on everybody else in the house to get off of the computer when it hit me. Start doing what I had wanted to do for the last thirty years, write science fiction stories. I've read extensively, experienced way more than a person is entitled to and I am a scientist. That being said, sometimes I just pull them out of my ass. The ability to picture a scene in my head helps, once I stop laughing uncontrollably for no reason.

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  1. Thank you very much for being a host on my blog tour.

  2. It's like you read my mind Angus. It is so wonderful to finally learn a little more about you. Great post! :D

  3. Great insight and well said Angus!!! Glad to follow along on your journey :)