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Tunuftol Review

Okay, today I have something extra special for you.  This series is a FABULOUS one for young and old alike.  When Ann Snizek first offered me the series to read I thought it would be a good one for my son and I to read for his Home Schooling.  And boy oh boy was I right!  I am so very happy to be bringing you a series that not only grabbed me and sucked me in to the point that I was yelled at by my husband for staying up until 3 in the morning reading, but one in which my son absorbed equally as fast.  And that is saying a lot.  He is 10 years old and absolutely LOVED this series.  I have never seen him read a series as fast other than Percy Jackson, so that should tell you something about this series!  Caught your attention with that huh?  Well read on and see if this series grabs you by reading the summary and my review.  I kindly provided links to Amazon so you can grab up your own copies.  And Book 3 which I was lucky enough to get is out SOON!

Krissa and Micah have been pushed around the foster system until they find themselves in the care of "Grandma" Athey. Krissa begins having unusual dreams Their new friends, Pin, and her twin brother, Khevin, and other friends from school join forces to unravel the secrets. Krissa has become The Chosen One and is drawn into a mission against an evil faction that usurped the twins royal family

So, when I first started to read this book I was wondering where it could possibly be going.  A young girl and her brother driving in a car to yet another foster home.  I immediately felt so bad for these poor children.  Then we meet Grandma, and I went Wow, a grandma was able to foster some kids.  

And then things just went all weird, and I was literally sucked into the story.  So powerfully that I stayed up until 3 in the morning not only reading this book, but starting book 2.  I finally passed out simply because my kindle ran out of juice. Otherwise, I probably would have not gotten a wink of sleep.  And yes I had a very grumpy husband who yelled at me for keeping him up with my comments and gasps, but let me confide in you it was worth it!

This book is all about growth, finding one's self, and triumph over adversity.  It has a wonderful moral underlying the story.  Krissa is a fabulous character as are all the children in this book.  Each of the kids have something special about them and what makes this so much fun is that the other children all know the truth not only about themselves, but about where they all come from.

Now as you ALL know I am NOT known for my patience when it comes to series type books.  And yes once again this series grabbed me and sucked me in and kept me reading.  I was lucky, I had book 2 in my grubby little hands.  And yes even book 3.  We will go into those in more detail later.

Suffice it to say I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SERIES!  It is perfect for young and old, and as I stated once my 10 year old loved it.  This is a must read and I put it in the same category as Lord of the Rings.  Yes I know it is saying a lot to compare a book to that, but it has that same basic quest aspect to it, and the characters are so strongly developed that I could picture each and every one of them.

Details/Disclaimer: I received this book for an honest review from the Author.  This free book held no determination on my final review.
This brave band of spectacular friends must go on a horrendous journey to remove all threats to the newly reclaimed throne. They will discover amazing new truths and face heart wrenching choices. Who are the Philo birds singing about? How will their song play out in the lives of these young people? Will it all be for nothing??

Song of the Philo birds:

Twelve companions all will travel
Eleven this song try to unravel
Ten don’t know which is the way
Nine are going to have to pay
Eight are wondering what they will find
Seven speak with mouth and mind
Six shall get a brand new name
Five will never be the same
Four the enemy will take
Three have choices they must make
Two have powers they must use
Or, One friend in death will lose.

Oh my where to begin...

I don't want to spoil a thing for you so I won't go into to many details.  This book picks up precisely where book 1 left off, sorry can't say where that is!  But needless to say Krissa has found more about herself and her past, Micah, Khevin, Pin, Lonnie, Nester, Alcina, Sealey, Daisy Mae are all once again on a quest.  But this time we add a few new faces.  And once again the character creation is just out of this world.

I must say that I read this book back to back with book 1, and yes I immediately grabbed up book 3 when I finished this one.  My husband was not impressed to say the least since, sadly he had to go out for dinner.  Yeah it was just that good!  

My son is still reading book 2, but he is so engrossed with it that even he missed dinner time and we completely forgot everything but this series.  Once again it is filled with wonder and adventure.  Once again we have a mystery that needs to be solved and a bad guy to conquer.  And once again, I got yelled at by the husband for being so absorbed by a book that the house could have exploded and I wouldn't have heard it.  Men sometimes they just don't understand!

Oh where was I?   Yes that's right, the book, this story is fabulous.  The world creation is one of the best I've seen in a long time.  And yes I know I compared book 1 to Lord of the Rings and I still say the same thing, a quest, and adventure, and a bad guy to conquer all make this book the perfect read for every age.  How often do you find a book that your 10 year old loves, and you love as well?  Not very often I'm sure.  Well Ann Snizek has succeeded in doing just that!

I cannot say how highly I recommend these books!  5 stars is just too low a number but it is the highest I can give so that is exactly what I am giving this fabulous series.  Did I say how wonderful this series is?  Well it is phenomenal, stupendous, and everything a YA book should be!  An adventure that will definitely keep you flipping pages and up all night!

At this point I must say a big thank you to Ann for providing my son and I with these books, and I am on to book 3 now... I must say one other thing... Ann please don't make me wait too long for the next book in this series.  I am seriously NOT known for my patience, and I really don't want a stalker label. *joking*

Details/Disclaimer: I received this book for an honest review from the Author.  This free book held no determination on my final review.

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  1. OMG!!! I am SO glad you both like it so much!! It is increadibly touching and overwhelming to be compared to such amazing authors. Book 4 is in the makings now and I have a feeling it won't end there. ;)

    As a fellow homeschooling parent, I have always searched for books that my kids would enjoy. While we have 7 kids, we didn't homeschool the older ones and the youngest 3 are girls. I LOVE that your son enjoys the stories!! <3 Thank you so much!