Friday, 26 April 2013

Motherhood Matters Tour and Review

Motherhood Matters Motherhood is a divine calling---but it may not always feel that way. Now you can show the women in your life how much they matter to you, with this delightful and heartwarming volume of wit and wisdom about the divinity, reality, and rewards of motherhood. Fresher than flowers and sweeter than chocolate, it's a perfect gift for the women who give so much. In these hectic days where life's demands can quickly become a heavy burden, Motherhood Matters helps you find more memorable moments and take the stress out of the to-do lists. Written with clarity, concision, and wit, this short, yet indispensable handbook is better than flowers, more guilt-free than chocolate, and gives back to the woman who sacrifices so much of herself every single day.  

This book was a lovely reminder of what being a mother is all about.  The blessings and the joys that we experience by being a mother.  I loved how the Author used some poetry in the book. As a woman whose only lifelong goal was to be a mother, I can attest to some of the stories in this book.  I relate to so many of the various stories and I know that each of my children is different and required different mothering skills. 

As the mother of 5, I sometimes forget about the joys of motherhood.  Especially with the youngest who has major special needs, but going back over the course of my life with my children I thought of all the times I had stayed up late into the night to finish their costumes, or bake cupcakes that they had forgotten to tell me they needed the very next day, and I realized that I loved every second of being a mother.  I loved all the different stories that were inspired by others.  

While this book is written with LDS mother's in mind it is not strictly an LDS mothers book.  As a woman who is NOT an LDS, I still found the book enjoyable to read.  While the use of scriptures was liberal, I didn't have any issues with their use what-so-ever.

Details/Disclaimer: Review copy was provided to me in exchange for a fair and honest review. The free book held no determination on my personal review

Author Connie Sokol  is a mother of seven, a national and local presenter, and a regular speaker at Education Week. She is a monthly contributor on KSL TV “Studio 5,” and regular blogger for KSL "Motherhood Matters." She is a former TV and radio host for Bonneville Communications, and columnist for Deseret News and Utah Valley Magazine. Mrs. Sokol is the author of several books including the award-nominated romance Caribbean Crossroads, the 8-week Challenge program of Faithful, Fit & Fabulous, Life is Too Short for One Hair Color Series, as well as talk CDs and podcasts. Mrs. Sokol marinates in time spent with her family and eating decadent treats.
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