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Alpha Girl Tour and Review

Seventeen year old Rose Goldman is highly unpopular in the little town of Halfway. Ever since the 'attack' when she was a girl, people and animals have been afraid of her. She gets bullied in school, and called 'wet dog' because of the way she smells, despite being extremely hygienic. However, life takes a turn when a new teacher starts at Halfway High. Mr. Stone, the quirky and charismatic English teacher is twice Rose's age, but she feels an unexplainable pull towards him from day one. Despite her better judgement, Rose pursues a friendship with Mr. Stone, who seems unable to stay away from her.

What is pulling this unlikely pair together?

This book was unlike anything that I have read before. Relatively quickly into the story you realize what Rose's issue is. It takes a few extra chapters in before you figure out what the issue is with Mr. Stone. Or should I say suspect what the issue is.  The relationships that are in this story are much like Rose, a little bit outside of normal.

This story kept me up late into the night. Because I just had to know what was going to happen. Sadly just as I was seriously getting involved in the characters and growing to really like them, the story ended. If my husband wasn't sleeping I probably would have screamed.  I will definitely be getting the next book in this series.

All in all, the story itself rates 4 stars from me. I enjoyed it, and I would say to give it a read. 

Details/Disclaimer: Review copy was provided to me in exchange for a fair and honest review. The free book held no determination on my personal review.

Rose's Song

As Mr. Stone drank his coffee I observed what he was wearing today. It was no
different to the usual. He wore a tweed jacket with leather elbow patches. It was
a little too big for him. The shirt underneath had an ugly paisley pattern on it.
I did not hide my gaze as I looked around the table to see his pants, which
were a type of brown velvet. He wore the same lace-up boat shoes as usual, this
time with no socks.
‘What?’ he said a little embarrassed as I scrutinized his attire.
‘You dress so strange,’ I said, leaning back against the booth and observing
He smiled and sipped his coffee. ‘Do I?’
‘Yeah … it’s eccentric. Like a mad professor.’
Mr. Stone chuckled, his emerald eyes twinkling, reflecting the streetlights
outside. ‘Don’t you like the way I dress?’
I frowned, considering it for a moment. I liked it very much, indeed. ‘I think it
suits you,’ I said.
‘Would you like to know a secret?’ he asked, leaning forwards.
‘I’m not good at keeping secrets,’ I replied.
Mr. Stone raised an eyebrow, his expression unreadable. ‘I do all my shopping
at the thrift-store.’
I feigned a look of shock. ‘Really? I would never have guessed.’
He laughed. ‘All right, no need to get smart.’
Perhaps Mr. Stone is poor, I thought. After all, he was a little rough around
the edges, not to mention his car was about to fall apart. It would be rude to ask
‘I promise not to tell a soul,’ I said, tracing an ‘X’ over my heart.
Mr. Stone rolled his eyes and drained the rest of his cup.

Best-selling and independent Australian author, Kate Bloomfield, has successfully made a name for herself in the world of self-publishing at just twenty-three years old. Her newest and most precious book yet, Alpha Girl, is a controversial Paranormal Romance between a student and teacher. A book not for those easily offended.

Kate was born in Enfield, London in 1989, but has lived in Wollongong, Australia for most of her life.
Now working full time as an independent author, Kate has published four novels, and two short stories.

Her fifth novel ‘Alpha Girl’ is a paranormal romance that explores a complicated a student/teacher relationship. It is due for release on April 1st 2013.

For more information about Alpha Girl, please visit: www.bloomfieldkate.com

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